Bitcoin plunges 48%


ALTCOIN SURGE COMING!! Elon Musk Making a Crypto šŸ˜² Description video: With Bitcoin breaking $52k and Ethereum testing $2k, I believe another Altcoin surge is coming very soon. In this video, we discuss the Cryptocurrency markets, altcoins I’m bullish on, […]

ALTCOIN SURGE COMING!! Elon Musk Making a Crypto šŸ˜²

Description video:
With Bitcoin breaking $52k and Ethereum testing $2k, I believe another Altcoin surge is coming very soon. In this video, we discuss the Cryptocurrency markets, altcoins I’m bullish on, Elon Musk making his own Crypto coin, more banks and institutions getting into Bitcoin and more.\n\nWARNING: The comments are full of scammers lately! There are even accounts using my name and logo!\n\nFollow my new Twitter page:\n\nšŸ’ø Get up to $250 BTC Bonus:\nGet my free 15 video cryptocurrency course:\nšŸ”„ Trade Crypto on Binance (get trading discounts):\n(Worldwide)\n(US)\nšŸ§¾ Best Crypto Tax Software (Get 10% discount):\n\nšŸ’Ž Use a VPN to Protect Yourself! (1 week for 99 cents)\n\nšŸ’¾ Buy Ledger Hardware Wallets:\n\n\nTIMESTAMPS\n00:00 Crypto News Intro\n0:35 200k subscribers soon!\n1:10 Cryptocurrency Market Update\n2:48 Cardano ADA Discussion\n4:40 Litecoin to $500 soon?\n5:25 ADA $2 to $3 soon?\n6:44 Why you should sign up for Binance\n7:45 Elon Musk making a Cryptocurrency coin?\n10:28 MicroStrategy Buying Another $900m Bitcoin\n11:53 Bitcoin Price Targets $63k\n12:40 Robinhood adding crypto deposits and withdrawals\n14:10 US Bitcoin ETF Approval Coming?\n14:52 BlackRock Already Bought Cryptocurrency?\n15:50 Crypto Criminals and Scammers\n17:08 Banks Increasingly Interested in Bitcoin\n17:37 Bitcoin Google Trends Rising\n18:10 Crypto News Outro and Info\n\nšŸ’„ Subscribe to JRNY Crypto –\n\nšŸ‘‡ā–ŗā–ŗā–ŗ JRNY Crypto Community Links ā—„ā—„ā—„šŸ‘‡\nāœ… FOLLOW ON TWITTER:\nāœ… FOLLOW ON TIK TOK:\nāœ… FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM:\nāœ… GET CRYPTO MERCH:\nāœ… DAILY CRYPTO NEWS SITE:\n\nšŸ’¼ Business Inquiries šŸ’¼\[email protected]\n\nšŸ”„ CRYPTO TOOLS \u0026 RESOURCES šŸ”„\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nšŸ’ø Get up to $250 In BITCOIN and Earn Passive Income šŸ’ø\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\n Trade Cryptocurrency on Binance (Get trading fee discounts) \n(Worldwide)\n(US)\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nšŸ’Ž Use a VPN to Protect Yourself! (1 week for 99 cents)\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nšŸ§¾ Best Crypto Tax Software (Get 10% discount):\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nāš” SparkPoint Referral Program (Get 10k+ SRK tokens):\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nšŸ’¾ Buy Ledger Hardware Wallets:\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\nšŸ¦ Want to browse privately and earn up to $20 per month in BAT tokens?\n\nā—ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā–¬ā—\n\n—-\n\nDISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the content of my media is my personal opinion and is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, not financial advice. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker will not be held responsible for any losses or gains. Always do your own research and advise with a professional before making your own investments.\n\nMusic Credit:\nBLVK – Under the Trees\n\nMusic by: Aso – Loungin\n\n\n #Crypto #Bitcoin #Altcoins #Blockchain #Altcoin #Decentralized #CryptoNews #Investing #Ethereum #Ripple #Binance #Cardano #Litecoin #BullRun #PassiveIncome #StockMarket

Bitcoin crashes 48%

Cryptocurrency capitalization fell by $ 93.5 billion

Cryptocurrencies Crash After Global Stock Selloff.

Market cap, or the total value of the entire cryptocurrency market, has dropped by about $ 93.5 billion, according to data from

Bitcoin early Friday morning, according to Coindesk fell in price 48% up from the previous day, the value of the digital coin was $ 4,001.60.

The plunge in cryptocurrency markets comes amid wider sell-off in stocks as governments around the world continue to fight the new coronavirus that is rapidly spreading across the planet. The number of people infected has now exceeded 128,000, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University..

Bitcoin plunges 48%

In the US, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 2,352.60 points, or 9.99%, below its opening, its worst fall since “black monday” in 1987. Sale Spreads Through Asian Markets On Friday Morning, Stock Markets In Japan, South Korea And Hong Kong Suffered Heavy Losses.

Investors are worried about the global economic impact of the coronavirus, as businesses are shut down and cities are locked down. Schools are closed worldwide and people are forced to work from home.

Over the past few years, bitcoin has been likened «digital gold», and was considered by some to be a safe asset for keeping money when the markets faced shocks. But Bitcoin, which has now lost all its achievements in a year and is in negative territory, behaves more like a risky asset than as a capitalization tool..

Central bank action has little reassurance for investors. Measures taken include the recent emergency rate cut by the Fed and the Bank of England, as well as further easing by the European Central Bank.

Other cryptocurrencies suffered similar falls on Friday. Ethereum Down 49%, While XRP Is Down More Than 42%.