Tesla faces pressure from Chinese regulators


THIS IS HUGE! Elon Musk Is Revealing If Tesla Fixing Quality Control Issues! Description video: Elon Musk Admitted What Tesla Must Do Better To Dominate.\nWATCH NEXT 👇👇👇\n\n🎥 Tesla Model 2 Is Being Revealed VERY SOON!\n➡️\n\n🎥 Elon Musk Made Changes […]

THIS IS HUGE! Elon Musk Is Revealing If Tesla Fixing Quality Control Issues!

Description video:
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Tesla faces pressure from Chinese regulators

Five Chinese regulators have reached out to Tesla on product quality and safety as the company accelerates the pace of release of its latest model at its Shanghai plant..

China is the largest market for Tesla after the US, with 120,000 EVs sold there in 2020.

Chinese authorities recently received complaints of abnormal acceleration and battery fire, according to a statement released on Monday..

In turn, Tesla said it would strengthen self-control and internal governance.

China is the largest auto market in the world, and the country’s government is actively promoting the introduction of electric vehicles. Tesla sold 15,484 locally made vehicles last month, according to the China Passenger Car Association.

But now Tesla is facing pressure from Chinese consumer market watchers to ask Tesla to improve internal governance, comply with Chinese laws and regulations, and respect consumer rights..

Tesla Shanghai said the company «sincerely accepted the recommendations of government departments», and that in her statement she «deeply analyzed the shortcomings».

Tesla is already facing quality issues in the US and must recall large numbers of Model S and Model X vehicles due to faulty touchscreens.

World’s Most Valuable Automotive Company Feels Increasing Competition From Chinese Competitors.

Tesla faces pressure from Chinese regulators

Chinese electric vehicle startup NIO unveiled its fourth production model last month, while Li Auto and XPeng are already producing new models.

Car company Ilona Mask received approval to build its Shanghai plant in 2018, becoming the first foreign automaker to fully own a plant in China.

Tesla backed Bitcoin on Monday, announcing that it bought $ 1.5 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in January and expects to start accepting digital coins as payment in the future..